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Business news, creator economy and digital content

I run two business media outlets: Smart Casual Newsletter is your daily morning business news brief, it was recently named one of the best business newsletters by Turi2. And Smart Maguire is a business and lifestyle magazine for future leaders, covering trends and tech in-depth and creating a community around women who will shape the future. Find out more below.

I’m a business and tech reporter and former Silicon Valley correspondent with 15 years of experience in digital journalism, experience in creating and running businesses as a founder and interim CEO, product management and project management. I created the online business magazine Fillmore and recently built digital platforms and products and at the media startup Addendum. I’m also the founder and chairwoman of Digitalista, a women’s network that has received several national awards. My work has been published in international publications, such as Wired Germany, Spiegel, t3n and Der Standard. On a more personal note, I sometimes write personal blog posts over at Medium

Was du wirklich über Wirtschaft wissen willst

Dich interessiert Wirtschaft eigentlich nicht? Der Smart Casual Newsletter kuratiert und analysiert jeden Vormittag die wichtigsten Wirtschaftsnachrichten, Trends und Themen – leicht verdaulich mit Popkultur und Gifs. Alles, was du über Wirtschaft und Tech wissen musst, in aller Kürze in deiner Inbox:

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    Business und Lifestyle für die Zukunft

      Der Smart Maguire Newsletter informiert dich wöchentlich über Themen und Trends aus Business und Lifestyle, damit du die Zukunft mitgestalten kannst.

      Der Newsletter ist kostenlos, du kannst dich jederzeit abmelden.

      Reach new audiences, build new revenue streams

      As an entrepreneurial journalist I’ve worked at the intersection of news, product and tech in the past years and now I do consulting work for publishers, startups and companies who want to reach new audiences, create new content products and build new revenue streams

      Work with me

      I build digital content formats and channels for publishers to reach new audiences that will lead to a bigger reach and new revenue streams.


      • Target Audience Analysis: Who are your readers and who do you want to be your readers?
      • Digital content diversification: How can you distribute existing content through new channels, such as voice assistants or video platforms?
      • Digital Storytelling Workflow: How to tell a story from research to development to distribution
      • Interim editorial and project management: I’ve been known to be a human fire extinguisher and the one to call in case of an emergency, such as a DDoS attack while publishing important investigations
      • Consulting, In-House Training and Strategies: Digital Platforms, Editorial Management, Newsroom Innovation, Product Management, Content Strategy
      • Freelance Reporting

      How I work

      • First we’ll evaluate the status quo and what the problems and goals are
      • Then we’ll set up key objectives and figure out how to reach those goals and get rid of the problem
      • Now comes the fun part: We’ll develop strategies, content channels and digital products that are need to reach the objectives
      • Once we’ve decided what projects should be realized, we execute them
      • Maintenance and controlling: Once a product is live, we’ll regularly evaluate and improve its process
      • I’m a journalist but I’m also a fan of numbers! So every project is set up to deliver measurable results.

      Product References and Editorial Work

      Contact me

      If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to write me an email (hi (at) elisabethoberndorfer.com) and follow my social channels: