My backyard: Huntington Park.

On March 4th, 2013 I arrived in San Francisco and spent a huge chunk of the following two years there. As a ridiculously nostalgic person, I wanted to reflect on what’s happened since then and how I experienced my time in SF. While plotting together this blog post in my head I realized that I was going down a very dark route. Because quite honestly, I was miserable most of my time there. Tears were a daily occurrence, heartfelt laughter happened twice.

There will be another time and place for me to share these experiences, but for now I’ll just let you know that my SF adventures came to a very real end when my former roommate gave up our apartment last week. Even after moving back to Austria, this apartment and the neighborhood still felt like home to me. Not to mention how hard it was to actually get an apartment. So three years after moving to San Francisco this chapter is officially closed. I guess that’s what they call life. Of course I’ll visit the West Coast again soon but it’s never gonna be the same again.

I’ll forever be grateful for all that I learned about tech, Silicon Valley, California and myself. Let Judy Garland do the talking:

Here is your wanderin‘ one, sayin‘ I’ll wander no more.

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