Like almost every human being on the planet, I spent the end of the year reflecting on the past and making vague plans for the future. In recent weeks, I rediscovered my interest in an industry that I actually wanted to be in when I was 13. Over a cup of coffee, I first voiced my desire to dip my toes into this industry (which I happen to have an education in) and suddenly it felt real. I realized this could be an option for my life as an entrepreneur and even a side business.

Later that day, Gwen Stefani officially launched her full makeup collection for Urban Decay. In the 20 years Gwen has been a pop star (and in the 19 I’ve followed her) I always felt that creating her own lipstick would be the very most obvious business venture for her. Given the fact that she even launched multiple fashion brands before doing so, it’s even more absurd that it took her two decades to finally get into makeup. She did state in various interviews that she wanted to do it for the longest time but the timing never was right (I mean, is it ever?).

I was about tweet her something to the effect of „why did it take you 20 years“ when I remembered my coffee talk earlier that day and the ideas in my head. I stopped and figured that maybe sometimes it does take 20 years. Startup culture teaches us to „move fast and break things“ but I don’t think that’s always right. My favorite podcaster Elizabeth Laime once said

„Nurture what loves you back“

And not always do you find love when you break things. I let that be my lesson to guide me through this year.

Pic: Urban Decay.
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