„So how has your year been“, oh the much dreaded question. I’ve never been so conflicted about my honest response than this past year. On paper, it all looks fine. Business-wise, it’s been alright and given that I’m a freelance journalist, I really can’t complain much. Still, I feel like this year has been so tough and challenging. Mostly though because I’m constantly beating myself up for the things I’m not doing rather than applauding myself for the things I am doing. I’ve built a really meaningful friendship this year (something that I didn’t expect would happen past 30) and one advice this rockstar person gave me is to do a review and look back on all the things I’ve achieved. So in a more personal blog post, that’s what I’m doing today (I actually need to scroll through my Instagram and browse my invoices to see what actually happened in 2015):

  • This one is actually from 2014, but I’ve never really acknowledged this fact: One of the milestones I wanted to achieve in my journalism career was to write for a Conde Nast publication. Which I’ve now been doing since September 2014.
  • I finally made one of my longest dream come true and spent a month in NYC. I can’t even begin to talk about all the amazing people I met there. Just being there is such a big inspiration.
  • I moderated a startup discussion and was invited to a panel about wearable and health technology in early 2015.
  • I gave several talks about my career as a Silicon Valley reporter and innovation later that year.
  • I successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign with my rockstar friend Melinda and we’re currently in the process of finishing the book.
  • I took a couple of weeks off (for the first time in two and a half years) to find joy in my work again.
  • I started doing Yoga.
  • I gave running another try and will continue to do so after the cold months.
  • I attempted to stop hating myself and it was the best weeks of my life. I’m going to give it another try.
  • I continued to grow Fillmore with the help of my new partner Teresa.
  • Some of my reporting about the lack of diversity in Austria’s startup scene has caused ongoing discussions that led to awareness and at least some change.
  • I started writing for, a publication I highly respect and it’s also an opportunity to work with the most talented journalists.
  • Fillmore was selected to be part of the Google Digital News Initiative, which meant that I was able to join discussions with big publishers.
  • We broke some news on Fillmore that then were picked up by major news outlets.
  • I visited Germany several times this year and will continue to do so next year, mostly for business reasons.
  • I visited San Francisco several times this year and will continue to do so next year.
  • I saw Foo Fighters live for the first time after 20 years of being a fan.
  • I managed to see my best high school friends more than once this year.
  • We’ve grown our Digitalista network and I got to interview some people I’ve admired for a long time at our events.
  • I’ve become part of the Freischreiber Österreich.
  • I was interviewed several times.
  • I did a 2-day writing retreat and realized that I do still enjoy writing.
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