Update: I joined Addendum as a managing editor this past summer (details)


I am a business and tech reporter bridging the gap between innovation hubs in the US and Europe. After seven years as a staff writer and most recently deputy editor-in-chief, I moved to San Francisco in 2013 to cover all things Silicon Valley as a freelance correspondent for German publications. My work has appeared in Wired Germany, Gründerszene, Spiegel Wissen and NZZ. As of now I’m based back in Europe again, regularly bouncing between the US West and East Coast to uncover new trends and technologies. When I’m not traveling, I’m staring at the lake from my countryside apartment or nerding out about pop culture, makeup and fashion.

In 2014, I launched my own magazine Fillmore, covering business, tech and innovation. Besides Fillmore, I’m a regular contributor to Wired Germany, Gründerszene, t3n and NZZ.at. In 2016, I published „Let’s Do This, New York“, a guide for entrepreneurs and I’m currently in the process of finishing the Silicon Valley edition.

I also co-founded Digitalista, an award-winning network for female professionals in tech. I occasionally share my knowledge in public talks and workshop, please contact me for business inquiries.